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Fanatical Review | Is It Safe To Buy Gaming Keys?

Fanatical Review Is It Safe To Buy Gaming Keys

“During our Fanatical review, we found them 100% legit and authentic platform to grab digital game keys and bundles. The fact that makes them even a better website than any other is that they get the keys directly from the publishers that give a full guarantee that game keys aren’t “grey” and they also come with affordable price.”

The Internet has been flooded with several digital game stores.

Making it even more complicated for the gamers to decide which one to trust and which not to.

That being said, the most effortless way to differentiate between reliable and fraudster digital game stores is that reliable ones only deal directly with the publishers.

On the other side, scammers sites sell the keys through illegal means which isn’t secured at all.

That being the case, as a gaming enthusiast you must investigate the site before you purchase the keys.

However, here is the problem.

Investigating is a long-drawn-out process. Still. If you, do the grueling process by yourself you might not get the correct results and you might end up squandering hard-earned cash.

So, it’s time to get comfortable and sit back because we’ve done the most complicated part for you.

In this unbiased review, we’ve done thorough research on the talk of the town digital game keys provider “Fanatical”.

This fanatical review is conducted by the pro gamers themselves after being directly in touch with their service.

Fanatical WW

Introduction to Fanatical

Fanatical is been in the market for many years now which also means they hold an extensive experience in the game market.

Their story kicks off in the year 1990 when they first start making cheaper software and games for PC CD-ROM users.

Not to forget, “Fanatical” was operating with a completely different name which was Bundle Stars.

In 2012, they started selling digital game keys to meet the ever-increasing demand for digital games.

Since then, they have sold over 100 million keys to gamers in over 200 countries. This massive figure shows that people are trusting them since then.

Where is Fanatical Located?

Fanatical is a United Kingdom (UK) based company with its headquarters located at Rugeley, United Kingdom.

Importantly, fanatical operates under its parent company Fandom, the world’s largest fan platform with more than 330 million monthly users.

What pushed them to change their name to “Fanatical” from “Bundle Stars”?

Fanatical formerly known as Bundle stars was first offering game collections only. But in the year, 2017, they decided to change their name. Not only this, they enhance their service and increase game offerings.

Now you can easily grab games for different devices including Nintendo, Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Is Fanatical Legit?

It’s time to discuss the mother of all questions or you can even say the top-of-the-chart question.

Many people have doubts and uncertainty when they are buying game keys.

And why not after all they are paying money for it.

For those who are looking to buy game keys for the first time from fanatical, they must have to bear in mind a couple of things.

Fanatical is a 100% trusted and legit website to grab digital game codes. They have served over a million gamers making them one of the most reliable sites you can ever find.

If that’s not enough to make them trustworthy, then read this.

They have a wide selection of over 9,000 officially licensed digital games from over 1,100+ publishers including some of the giants including SEGA, Rockstar, Warnerbros, Disnep, UBISOFT, and CAPCOM.

Also, if you still have the smallest of skepticism, it’s time to know a complete truth.

If it’s your very first time at Fanatical you might have questions about the “grey keys”.

So let us tell you, the game keys offered by the fanatical are 100% authentic and legitimate. And that’s why we found it during our review on fanatical.

Because the keys they provide are directly sourced by the official developers and publishers and no middleman or party is involved in it.

Is Fanatical Legit?

Where does Fanatical get their keys?

As a first-time buyer or even a frequent shopper, it’s very important to know are Fanatical keys legit.

Fanatical get its keys exclusively from game developers and publishers. That means there is no third party involved, avoiding the risk of fraud and invalid keys completely.

“Grey keys” is a serious issue with purchasing digital game keys.

But this isn’t the case with Fanatical.

Since they get their keys directly from the official partners, so you don’t have to worry about abruptly shutting off or having games removed from your Steam account.

Can Fanatical Be Trusted?

Absolutely Yes! Fanatical is one of the trusted and authentic digital game key providers out there on the internet.

Fanatical has a total of 73,532 reviews on Trustpilot, out of which 85% are full five stars and 10% are four stars.

When combined it makes about 95% which means a majority of the gamers who have purchased the keys from them are happy and fully satisfied with their service.

Those customers who had a bad experience and gave them 1 star on the Trustpilot are related to the issues like payments, delayed response, restricted purchases, and fake emails.

Interestingly, all the unsatisfactory responses were responded by the team which tried to solve the problem at the moment.

Can Fanatical Be Trusted

Why is Fanatical So Cheap?

There’re multiple factors that provide fanatical an upper hand over other game key providers out there on the internet.

But one thing that, really makes them superior to others is their affordable prices.

Even the fanatical mission statement has also to say about pocket-friendly prices.

They say that fanatical helps gamers find amazing games at amazing prices.

There are 2 two reasons why fanatical is so cheap

1). They directly acquire keys from the official publisher so their years of good business relations and the trust they built over the year help them to get the keys at discounted prices.

2). They buy game keys in large quantity which help them to get a good price. They further sell to customers at cheaper rates.

If the price is still out of the budget you can always grab Fanatical promo code by clicking below.

Is Fanatical Safe?

Fanatical is one of the safest and most reliable game keys websites. With a total of 4.7 stars at Trustworthy and 100 million keys to gamers in over 200 countries, makes them truly dependable and trustworthy.

How to place an order at fanatical?  Learn in just 5 easy peasy steps.

Placing an order at fanatical isn’t as complicated as on any other site.

In just 5 simple steps you’ll learn how to do it.

Step#1: Go to Fanatical official website and type the game title in the search option and click enter. Remember if you want to explore you can always check out categories.

Step#2: Once you reach the product page, click the “Add to cart” option and you’ll lead to a checkout page.

Step#3: At the checkout page, you’ll provide with a box where you can enter a coupon. Make sure to grab a valid Fanatical coupon code as it’ll help you save money.

Step#4: Once you’ve applied the coupon code you can proceed to checkout. It’s time to make the payments. You can select any payment method you feel is secure.

Step#5: Once the payment is done, you’ll get the keys in the next couple of minutes.

Fall Mystery Bundle Fanatical Review – Do They Really Worth The Chance?

Mystery bundle is all about the risk. Where you get a bundle of games that you’ve probably never heard of before.

mystery bundle has both perks and downsides.

It can help you to discover games that you’re unaware of but when you get it through a bundle you may like them.

On the other hand, you might get the games that don’t want to play or that you already own them.

But the thing that is most important to consider is when we were doing fanatical review, we found out that the games that customers were receiving through the bundles were mostly useless or miserable.

Keeping that in mind, you might be doubtful that is it really worth buying Mystery bundle.

We would say yes! Because according to the company their expert team personally selects the games. Also, they don’t sell out crappy games or games with less demand.

For those who received terrible games through the mystery bundle is not more than just a coincidence.

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