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13 Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard In 2023

13 Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard In 2023

If we name a single computer accessory that has been the most popular in recent days is without a doubt a backlit mechanical keyboard.

But the question here is why is that and what makes it that popular? And most importantly, how to find the best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard.

So before we tell you how to find the best backlit mechanical keyboard. 

We’ll tell you what actually is a backlit mechanical keyboard.

A backlit mechanical keyboard is made up of separate springs and a mechanical switch. 

Mechanical keyboards have been transformed and enhanced piece than what we used to use several years ago.

The backlit feature makes mechanical keyboards even better and more captivating. 

When compared with the older keyboards the mechanical keyboards are way more satisfying, comfortable, and easier to type. 

For writers and typists, mechanical keyboards come as true blessings. Because they can type faster and comfortably without making so many typing mistakes. 

After hearing all the benefits that a mechanical keyboard offers, you must want to buy one.

But the problem here is you must choose the best backlit mechanical keyboard from tons of options available in the market. 

However, we’ve got good news for you.

To save your time and energy we’ve done all the hard parts of researching.

To buy the best backlit mechanical keyboard just go through the products listed below.

13 Best Backlit Mechanical Keyboard For Gamers and Writers

1. Logitech G G513 Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Reason to Buy: Undoubtedly there’re many wonderful things and features that makes it the best backlit mechanical keyboard. But one thing that makes it truly amazing is the detach palmrest comfortable memory foam, USB passthrough data, and power connectivity.

Best Features:

  • Select your own color and customize your happiness with 16.8m color.
  • Choose from 3 different mechanical switches- GX Blue, GX Brown, and GX Red. Mechanical switches are for offering excellent and long-lasting experience.
  • The unique feature that makes it the best backlit mechanical keyboard is the memory foam. Moreover mushy, dependable, and high-quality leatherette covers the comfort foam in a waterproof and sweat-resistant material that easily wipes clean. 
  • The keyboard is equipped with an anti-ghosting feature that helps gamers to give multiple gaming commands at the same time.
  • Take your gaming experience to a new level with that comes with 12 additional keycaps that come with G513.
  • Allows to customize keys with 16.8 M colors
  • Palmrest memory foam for comfortable long gameplay
  • minimal design and an aesthetic look
  • A bit overpriced

2. PRO Keyboard League of Legends Edition

PRO Keyboard League of Legends Edition

Reason to Buy: This best backlit gaming keyboard is one of the top recommended keyboards for gamers out there looking to enhance their gaming experience. The reason that makes it best for gamers is the LIGHTSYNC RGB lighting advanced feature.

Best Features

  • This cool backlit gaming mechanical keyboard is integrated with innovative and modern GX Tactile mechanical switches that ensure amazing performance, long-lasting with tactile feedback bump.
  • With a detachable cable, you can move around freely and use this amazing gaming mechanical keyboard anywhere you want 
  • Use Customize lighting and animations to highlight the button that you’ll use.
  • the rubber feet feature enables the keyboard to stay in one position. This feature is most effective when the game reaches its last level and becomes extremely intense.
  • With a three-step adjustment, you can place the keyboard in the position you feel most comfortable with.
  • Detachable Cable
  • 3 Angles + Rubber Feet
  • Affordability

    3. Asus ROG Claymore II Modular TKL Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    Reason to Buy: Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best wireless backlit mechanical keyboard you’ll ever find. Not just this but this is also the best backlit mechanical keyboard. The reason this is best for gaming is that it allows you to create your ideal gaming setup. Wait there’s more to it! This amazing backlit keyboard comes with fast charge & USB passthrough.

    Best Features

    • The wireless backlit gaming keyboard allows you to attach the Numpad on any side of the keyboard that you feel most comfortable with.
    • High-speed 1 ms response in both wired or 2.4 GHz wireless modes.
    • The long-duration 4000 mAh battery offers a gameplay duration of 43 hours with lightning on.
    • Four fully customizable hotkeys and a built-in volume control wheel on the Numpad.
    • The Detachable magnetic wrist rest supports a long-duration gaming experience s you feel confident all the time.
    • Detachable magnetic wrist and Numpad
    • RX Blue switches feature
    • Long-duration batteries
    • A bit overpriced

    4. G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard

    Reason to Buy: G413 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard is one of the highly suggested and cheap led mechanical keyboards for gamers. This gaming keyboard offers the next level of performance and is built with high-strength aluminum alloy.

    Best Features

    • The best led mechanical keyboard comes with a Romer-G™Tactile mechanical switch which is relatively faster than other mechanical keyboards in the market.
    • So whether you’re paying at night in complete darkness or under the thousands of lights, romer-G is also specially designed for precise and clean lighting through the keycap.
    • The feature that makes it the best backlit mechanical keyboard for gaming is cutting-edge gaming features like Trigger game mode and anti-ghosting features.
    • Play, pausing, changing, and the mute song becomes effortless with the G413 Mechanical keyboard.
    • The extra USB cable connects the USB passthrough port.
    • Best under-budget gaming backlit keyboard
    • Control media with few clicks
    • compact with advance level gaming features

      5. SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

      SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

      Reason to Buy: The reason we mentioned this amazing ergonomic backlit mechanical keyboard in our list is that it is the preferred choice for all the pro gamers out there. Moreover, it is one of the fastest mechanical keywords on the earth with OmniPoint 2.0 switches for over 11x faster response and 5x quicker actuation.

      Best Features

      • For an amazing typing experience and improved keystrokes feel this best backlit mechanical keyboard comes with specially designed fadeproof PBT keycaps.
      • This keyword gives you an upper hand against your opponents by allowing you to with extremely fast keystrokes that respond 11x quicker 
      • Most adjustable switches effortlessly go from light, speedy keystrokes to deep, deliberate presses.
      • Take two actions with a single key. Touch the key lightly for a walk or press forcefully for a run.
      • If you’ve got limited space this keyboard can fit with any trouble. As it holds capabilities of full-size keyboards with side-printed secondary functions.
      • World fastest keyboard
      • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy Frame
      • Slim design
      • Can be a bit expensive for some gamers

      6. Redragon K552RGB-1 RGB Backlight TKL Keyboard

      Redragon K552RGB-1 RGB Backlight TKL Mechanical Keyboard

      Reason to Buy: The reason this spectacular mechanical keyboard made it to our list because it is not just for gamers but also for office use. Also, this affordable mechanical keyboard is compatible with major computer brands and Windows.

      Best Features

      • This backlit mechanical keyboard is built from superior quality and durable metal and ABS materials. Each key on that keyboard can support up to 5 million clicks.
      •  Interestingly all the 88 buttons on the keyboard are programmable. That being said, now you can assign custom key actions, record macros, and customize backlight effects.
      • The best backlit mechanical keyboard allows you to choose from 18 lighting effects and adjustable brightness.
      • This mechanical keyboard is not just for gamers but also for office workers, typists and students.
      • Removable red switches respond faster and require less force to press.
      • High affordable
      • Quick response time
      • Require less force and energy to click

        7. Drop Ctrl High-Profile Keyboard

        Drop Ctrl High-Profile Mechanical Keyboard

        Reason to Buy: It’s one of the highly recommended backlit mechanical keyboards you’ll find on the list. If you’ve money to spend on a quality product make sure to buy it without any hesitation.

        Best Features:

        • This ergonomic backlit mechanical keyboard is made from a large block of anodized aluminum which is well-recognized for its durability.
        • Due to its heavy weight, it is nearly impossible to move it. When you’re in an intense game situation or typing fast to get your assignment done it helps you by 
        • You can change switches whenever you like with a built-in switch plate and hot-swappable PCB.
        • the configurator enables you to adjust the keyboard depending on how you use it.
        • It’s rig out with two USB type-C connectors
        • Anodized CNC-machined aluminum frame
        • Dual USB-C connectors
        • High-profile design
        • The heaviest mechanical keyboard on the list.
        • A bit pricey but totally worth it.

        8. Redragon K590 Wired/Wireless Gaming Keyboard

        Redragon K590 Wired/Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

        Reason to buy: this Redragon K590 isn’t a normal keyboard but it is the best backlit mechanical keyboard you’ll ever find. This amazing mechanical keyboard is equipped with some of the best features that make your gaming experience memorable.

        Best Features:

        • This low-profile keyboard with a backlight comes with both wired ad wireless modes. 
        • If you own any kind or brand of PC, this mechanical keyboard will work with it. 
        • ALL 87 mechanical keys are conflict-free (n-Key Rollover) for ultimate Gaming performance
        • As a user, you can customize and adjust backlighting and choose from 5 brightness levels.
        • The switches are made of high-quality material and can support up to 50 million clicks
        • 100% Anti-ghosting
        • Custom mechanical switches
        • 12 Multimedia keys combined with FN keys
        • Not the best option for office use and students

        9. Redragon K621 Horus Wireless RGB Keyboard

        Redragon K621 Horus Wireless RGB Mechanical Keyboard

        Reason to Buy: One of the best backlit mechanical keyboard available on the list. It has some of the unique features available that is not available in any other keyboard on the list like 1st-Gen 3-mode connection technology, USB-C wired, BT 3.0/5.0 & 2.4Ghz wireless modes, Built-in upgraded 3.0/5.0 Bluetooth and an advanced 1900 mAh lithium battery.

        Best Features:

        • This amazing mechanical keyboard support 5 systems at a time. With 3 Bluetooth devices storable, a 2.4Ghz wireless mode, and a wired mode it can be used with 5 devices
        • Redragon K621 comes with a 1900 mAh lithium battery that is enough for a long-duration gaming session.
        • If you’ve got a limited space then you must for without waiting the next second. This keyboard comes with 87 keys in a low-profile design, offers more space for mouse movement and shorter actuation distance
        • Change the song, adjust the volume other access media adjustment conveniently.
        • Built-in upgraded 3.0/5.0 Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz wireless chips, K621 offers a real-wireless and no-latency connection for all devices in the market.
        • 1900 mAh lithium battery
        • Up to 20 preset vibrant backlight modes
        • 3 modes tech

          10. 87 Keys Wired Keyboard

          87 Keys Wired Mechanical Keyboard

          Reason to Buy: One of the inexpensive backlit mechanical keyboards on the list. The main thing or feature that makes it worth buying is the captivating color and 9 kinds of luminous effects, providing immersive visual effects.

          Best Features:

          • This incredible-looking mechanical keyboard consists of 87 keys overall. If you’re a right-hand gamer and want some big space on the right side then you must go with the keyboard. Also, it supports all the keys that is needed to make the gaming experience memorable.
          • If you’re a typist or a student who writes long essays or has to submit the assignment on time then you should buy it. Its amazing click sound and strong mechanical hand feel make it the ideal option for students and typists.
          • If you usually have snacks when trying or gaming you can use this keyboard as it is very easy to clean.
          • You can access media functions like volume adjustment, song switch, play, pause, mute and other operations with different keys combination.
          • This is not just the best option for gamers but also for pro gamers as it is Mixed-light mode, 9 kinds of luminous effects make the gaming experience memorable.
          • It is a highly affordable keyboard
          • Suspension button design
          • The amazing and comfortable typing experience
          • Not made of high-quality material

          11. Logitech G715 GEM Tactile Wireless Gaming Keyboard

          Logitech G715 GEM Tactile Wireless Gaming Keyboard

          Reason to buy: If you’re a pro gamer and spend most of your gaming. Then you must feel palm pain at the end of the day. If you want to get rid of the pain then this best backlit mechanical keyboard is for you. It comes with a Cloud-soft Comfort palm that allows you to play games comfortably.

          Best Features:

          • The one features that provide this keyboard an edge over other is the Cloud-soft Comfort palm rest that comes with it. If you’re a gamer that plays games all day long or works at the office all day long you must need this.
          • With 25 gaming-hour battery life, you can have two days of continuous gaming experience with full lighting.
          • Drive your gaming experience to the next level with ultra-responsive LIGHTSPEED.
          • Give your mechanical keyboard a custom look with keycaps
          • Adjust volume, change music, and other full media controls at your fingertips.
          • Cloud-soft palm rest
          • RGB lighting
          • 25-gaming-hour battery life
          • Expensive

          12. Darmoshark K5 Wired+2.4G Wireless Dual-mode Keyboard

          Darmoshark K5 Wired+2.4G Wireless Dual-mode Mechanical Keyboard

          Reason to Buy: Another small-size wireless backlit gaming keyboard with a dual mode connection, and can be a wonderful option for different purposes. This amazing mouse also supports gameplay as it small provides extra space on the right side.

          Best Features:

          • Support dual mode connection including USB wired/2.4GHz wireless connection.
          • If you want space on the right-hand side this best backlit mechanical keyboard. Also, its featherweight means it can be carried easily anywhere.
          • For an extensive gaming experience, it comes with a built-in 2300mAh lithium battery.
          • Two-color PBT keycap, not easy to fade and wear, comfortable to type.
          • It has an amazing crisp sound when you type.
          • Dual mode connection
          • 2300mAh large battery
          • 16.8 million colors RGB

            13. Logitech ERGO K860 Ergonomic Split Keyboard

            Reason to Buy: If you’re a typist or a blog writer that spends most of his time typing and pressing keycaps and experience finger and palm pain at the end of the day. Also, if you want to reduce palm pain by trying some new and unique hand postures while typing then you must think about Logitech ERGO K860. The curved, split keyframe reduces muscle pains in your wrists and forearms. Not just this but also, the soft and cushioning palm rest provides utter comfort and relief.

             Best Features

            • The soft and cushioning palm rest help in typing effortlessly and increase productivity without muscle strain.
            • The curved design offers 25%less wrist bending compared to the standard keyboard.
            • The unique and user-friendly Scooped keys resemble the shape of human fingertips making it the best ergonomic mechanical keyboard for typists.
            • To use the keyboard you can easily connect it to a USB receiver or Bluetooth.
            • For all those typists out there we understand how people around you get annoyed and irritated when you type. To keep up with the speed and without getting people annoyed you can use this best silent backlit keyboard.
            • Advanced ergonomic keyboard
            • A curved and painless design
            • Best quiet backlit keyboard
            • A bit pricey